Announcing the all new Scribe experience.

Our exciting new Scribe redesign makes it easier to create, organize, and access your expertise.

Announcing the all new Scribe experience.

We launched Scribe a year ago to help teams share how-to. Since then, thousands of users have created, shared and learned from an exponentially growing number of Scribes. Over the past year, we've spent time with a lot of you to learn about your experience using Scribe and how we can make the product better.

We’ve funneled this feedback into our product and are excited to launch a completely new Scribe experience. With this major redesign, we’re making it easier to create, and organize Scribes - so you can share your expertise and access know-how faster. We've also taken it a step further and updated our brand and logo to reflect this milestone for Scribe.

Scribe 2.0 is available today for all Basic and Pro users! Enterprise users stay tuned. In addition to the new slick, modern look, here are few highlights:

💻 Updated Extension and Desktop Icon

We've updated our Scribe brand - you'll notice this throughout our website and in our product and most obviously in the Scribe Chrome extension and the desktop app icon.

👩🏽‍💻 Scribe Command Center
When you login to your Scribe workspace, you'll find a new dashboard. This summary view makes it easy to understand the reach of the know-how you’re sharing and surfaces your most frequently accessed Scribes (for that one thing you can just never remember how to do…).

🗂 Better Organization

We’ve heard you loud and clear and have introduced a new way to navigate your folders  on the left hand bar of your Scribe workspace. This navigation bar is accessible from anywhere in the Scribe workspace, reducing the number of clicks it takes for you to navigate and organize Scribes. Don't worry - all your existing folders and structure is still there!

✍🏾 Faster Customizations

Editing also just got a whole lot easier! To add sections, tips, alerts, or an entirely new step, you now just need to hover between existing steps within the Scribe on the edit page and select the “+” icon. You’ll be prompted with the option to add any of the above with a single click.

🧑🏾‍🎨 Make Your Scribe Your Own

Processes are personal and your Scribes should be too. We've added to our customization capabilities - you can now select the perfect color and icon to compliment your Scribe, just click on the icon at the top of the Scribe while in edit mode and choose your favorite look!

Looking for a quick reference guide on the changes? We've got you covered with this Scribe!

We can’t wait to hear what you think!  Join us live on Product Hunt celebrating the launch later this week. Be sure to subscribe to Scribe on Product Hunt to stay in the know!